Tuesday, April 2, 2013



Pierre-François "David" Beauchard (pen name David B.) is one of the founders of L'Association, a French publishing house for comic books. L'Association was one of the most important publishers to come out of the new wave of Franco-Belgian comics in the 1990s,[1] being among the first to publish authors such asJoann  Sfar and Marjane Satrapi.

As an artist and a writer, I find David B. to be among the most compelling. Epileptic (l'Ascension du Haut Mal ) is my favorite work of his so far. This autobiography, chronicling the side-effects of being raised with an epileptic brother, is one that remains lodged among my imaginings. It's not always easy to find, so if/when you stumble across it, snatch it up quickly!

1.^ Nevins, Mark D. "L'Association: The Future of Comics?" Expo 2000 (Bethesda, Maryland: The Expo, 2000), pp. 264-266.

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