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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Effing TEENAGE Wonderlands

It's never safe to turn around and look back at your teen years. A less suicidal option is to practice visualizing cumulus clouds passing through your brain in place of the memories that span from 6th to 12th grade. Semi recently, I started a method of adolescent ptsd treatment heralded by Tavi Gevinson the teenage hypnotist. At a safe distance, I can now admire a teendom that is always quick witted, spontaneous, and stylish. From now on I will just pretend that those were the days. For those of you who care, Tavi Gevinson became a style icon at 13 pretty much because she figured out how to blog (well) when her peers failed to milk the internet for all that it's worth. Well sucks for them because Tavi is pretty much a tiny business woman now, equipped with a published book, late night TV interviews on the Colbert Report, TED talks, and an online forum (ROOKIE MAG) that apparently Judd ApatowMiranda JulyLena DunhamPaul RuddJoss Whedon, and Jon Hamm find good enough to guest star on. Of course a part of me hates her, but I put envy aside and turn to morbid fascination instead. Above are pictures from Rookie photo shoots.  There is plenty more to gain from the website-- Music, editorials, internet memes, fashion advice... you know. Check it out, she needs more attention.  -R.

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